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The Screen Diaries #3: Finals Special

How can you spend your time on Netflix AND study at the same time? Well, our dear teachers have the solution: linking concepts seen in TV Shows with our class materials. Studying has never been more entertaining, trust me! Learn more on how Game of Thrones and Homeland are milestones to study World Politics, Geopolitics and History!


The Screen Diaries #2: Sense8

One of the biggest show of the moment is being discussed by our own team! Why is it so special? What are the limits of Sense8? What makes it so ambitious? Sara, Jerry, Anna and Emma are answering!

The Screen Diaries #0

What is your favorite TV Show? What world would you want to live in? Who is your favorite couple?
The students of Sciences Po Reims answer!

The Couch Potatoes – THE OATH

1As are swearing allegiance

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