New Year, New You? Surely your new year resolutions were all about how you would go three times a week to the gym, or rather how you would stop eating McDonald’s every Saturday of the month. Maybe it was about studying harder to get better grades, and finally stop your compulsive binge watching. But no my friends, The Couch Potatoes are here to keep you on the right track.

2015 has been an extraordinary year for TV Shows. Some series came back stronger, others completely crumbled, but overall the real stars of the year were the newcomers: Mr.Robot, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Sense8 (to name only a few of them) clearly won the hearts of the critics, but also of the seriephiles.

Here are the favorite shows of last year by The Couch Potatoes team !

Marine Idir


1. Unreal
2. Masters of Sex
3. Narcos
4. The Affair
5. Sense 8
6. Orange is The New Black
7. American Horror Story
8. Mr. Robot
9. Game of Thrones
10. Jessica Jones

Emma Peton


1. Hannibal S03
2. Community S06
3. How to Get Away with Murder S01 and S02
4. My Mad Fat Diary S03
5. Game of Thrones S05

Constance Elies


1. Sense8 S.1
2. Game of Thrones S.5
3. Orange Is the New Black S.3
4. Bojack Horseman S.2
5. Narcos S.1
6. Parks and Rec S.7
7. House of Cards S.3
8. Homeland S.5
9. You’re the worst S.2
10. Master of None S.1


Carl Tamakloe


1. The Leftovers S02
2. Mr. Robot
3. Fargo S02
4. Sense8
5. Daredevil
6. Jane The Virgin
7. Shameless S05
8. The Flash S01
9. The Good Wife S06
10. How to Get Away with Murder

Sara Benahmed


1. Outlander s1
2. My Mad Fat Diary s3
3. Jessica Jones s1
4. Orphan Black s3
5. Orange Is the New Black s3
6. Mr. Robot s1
7. Sense8 s1
8. The 100 s2
9. Faking It s2
10. Galavant s1

 Jeanne Champeau


1: Game of Thrones season 5
2: Parks and Rec season 7
3: Sense8
4: Transparent season 2
5: Mr. Robot

Adam Ibourk


1. Orange Is the New Black S3
2. How to Get Away with Murder S01
3. Game of Thrones S5
4. Shameless S5
5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt s1

Tess Harmand-Julian


1. Flesh and Bone S01
2. Mr. Robot S01
3. How to get away with murder S02
4. The Originals S03
5. Game of Thrones S05
6. Casual S01

Dion Loke


1. Mr. Robot
2. Sense8
3. The Good Wife
4. Scandal
5. Veep
6. How to Get Away with Murder
7. Game of Thrones
8. Orange Is the New Black
9. The Mindy Project
10. Elementary

Anna Corbet


1. Doctor Who S9
2. Penny Dreadful S2
3. How to Get Away with Murder S2
4. Orphan Black S3
5. Game of Thrones S5
6. Orange Is the New Black S3
7. Outlander 
8. Jessica Jones
9. American Horry Story Hotel
10. Faking It S2

Cécile Kessler


In my top five series of this year, I would definitely put Sense8 in the 5th place, it was my discovery (and everybody else’s I guess) of the summer, and I just have good memories of it. However as we said in the screen diaries’ video the fact that all minorities are represented makes it a bit too politically correct.

In the 4th place I would put Jessica Jones, which I am currently watching. It is really diverting but the fact that there are some superpower stories (as it is also the case in sense8 actually) makes it a bit unreal. In addition the plot is really interesting on paper, but when you watch it it is kind of slow. It takes some episodes for it to become really vibrant which should not be the case, given the heroes’ superpower. I was really expecting something breathless but it’s not the case.

In the 3rd place I’d put How to Get Away With Murder. This series is REALLY breathless. At the end of each episode you just want to watch more and know what’s going to happen. (And it’s nice to watch it, because you think you are working on your law knowledge while you are just procrastinating).

In the 2nd place is Orange is the New Black season 3.

And my number one is Breaking Bad (even though it is not from this year, but actually I finished the 5th season this year so that counts right?) Anyways, what I can say is that I can’t wait to start Better Call Saul.


Jerry André


1. My Mad Fat Diary S2/3
2. Mr. Robot S1 (The first season of Mr. Robot is an amazing surprise that left me breathless after almost every episode. Of course, a few sentences cannot be sufficient to express the tremendous power of that TV show, its authenticity compared to other “mainstream” entertaining TV series or its peculiar denunciation of the artificial world we live in. Just… Kudos!)
3.  Shameless S5
4. Orange Is the New Black S3
5. Flesh and Bone S1
6. Sense8 S1
7. Game of Thrones S5
8. Modern Family S6
9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S1
10. Empire S2

Lou Delbarre


1. Better Call Saul (Season 1)
2. Shameless (Season 5)
3. Sense8 (Season 1)
4. Luther (Season 4)
5. Mr. Robot (Season 1)

Sofiane Dahmani


1: Mr. Robot
2: Sense8
3: Vikings – Season 4
4: Daredevil
5: Luther – Season 4
6: Better Call Saul
7: Hannibal – Season 3
8: Orphan Black – Season 3
9: Game of Thrones – Season 5
10: Homeland – Season 5

Antoine Gautier


1: Mad Men – Season 7
2: Mr. Robot
3: Game of Thrones – Season 5
4: Suits – Season 4
5: Scrubs

Cécile Dupuis-Rémond


1. Daredevil
2. Mr. Robot
3. Mozart In The Jungle
4. Jessica Jones
5. Sense8
6. UnReal
7. Making a Murderer
8. The Man in the High Castle
9. Scream Queens

Fanny Devaux


1- The Leftovers – (saisons 1&2)
2- Engrenages – saison 5
3- The Americans – saison 3
4- Le Bureau des Légendes – saison 1
5- Narcos – saison 1
6- Game of Thrones – saison 5

Anna Barbier


 1 . Orange is The New Black – Season 3
2. Shameless – Season 5
3. Empire – Season 1 & 2
4. How to Get Away with Murder – Season 1 & 2
5. Sense8
6. Jessica Jones